Cincinnati Music & Wellness Coalition


Founder: Arlene de Silva

Arlene de Silva is a thirty-year senior executive in long-term care. She educates organizations nationally and internationally about the benefits of music as a great communicator and healing tool. Ms. de Silva is a classically trained pianist with a background in finance. She’s one of the six national trainers for Remo’s HealthRHYTHMS program.


Advisor: Barry Bittman, MD

Barry Bittman, MD, is a neurologist, author, international speaker, researcher, CEO - Yamaha Music & Wellness Institute, and Chief Population Health Officer, Allegheny Health Network. He is the innovator of the two evidence-based recreational music making programs: Clavinova Connection and HealthRHYTHMS.

Cincinnati Music & Wellness Coalition

The Cincinnati Music & Wellness Coalition (CMWC) is a national initiative of Global Music & Wellness. CMWC is the nation’s first community-wide recreational music and wellness coalition. With an approach to whole person wellness, in 2008, a unique step was taken towards strengthening our community. The coalition brought together 30 organizations, physicians, and musicians in Southwestern Ohio and N. Kentucky serving: older adults, caregivers, corporate employees, developmentally disabled, at-risk youth, mental health & chemical addictions, students, refugee groups, healthcare professionals, and ethnic communities. CMWC presently includes member organizations both national and international.

Coalition members offer one or both evidence-based recreational music making wellness programs; Clavinova Connection and HealthRHYTHMS. These programs were innovated by neurologist and CEO, Yamaha Music & Wellness Institute, Barry Bittman, MD, and have been scientifically proven to create positive changes in the immune system, assist with mood stabilization, and reduce stress levels.

The Clavinova is a Yamaha digital piano. Clavinova Connection includes a unique series of music/wellness exercises that were created to harmonize mind, body, and spirit. One hour of engaging in this facilitated program has proven to strengthen an individual’s immune system. The innovative program employs state-of-the-art keyboards and a user-friendly educational technique to introduce the art of piano playing to novice musicians. Each Clavinova Connection session consists of several components: singing, physical stretching, meditation, and drum and sound improvisation. Each section is designed to build confidence and self-esteem, while enhancing relaxation and well being. The program promotes socialization, builds camaraderie, reduces depression and loneliness.

HealthRHYTHMS is a one-hour group empowerment-drumming program, which results in positive immune system changes. Benefits include: enhances self-esteem, empathy for others, opportunity to have fun with friends and make new friends, helps express themselves musically as a group, brings a sense of self-worth and respect for others, teaches anger management, conflict resolution and dealing with grief.


  • Adam Elfers
  • Alois Alzheimer Center
  • Anderson Senior Center
  • Andrew Millar, DME
  • Area Agency on Aging - Columbus, IN
  • Area Agency on Aging -New Albany, IN
  • Asian Community Alliance
  • Bluegrass Area Agency on Aging - KY
  • Brenda Morand, PharmD - Clinical Pharmacy
  • Cathy Shanahan, MD
  • Children’s Home N KY
  • Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
  • Cincinnati Recreation Commission
  • Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
  • Clermont Senior Services
  • Colerain Township Senior & Community Center
  • Creative Aging Cincinnati
  • CURAVIVA - Switzerland
  • Debbi Silverman, MD
  • Elizabeth Wu
  • Hamilton County Developmental Disability Services
  • Jim Waddle
  • KIPDA - Louisville Area Agency on Aging
  • Life Enriching Communities
  • Lincoln Trail Area Agency on Aging
  • Llanfair Retirement
  • Mallard Cove
  • Maple Knoll Communities
  • Mayerson JCC
  • Mercy Anderson -Steve Feagins, MD
  • Michael Leadbetter, MD
  • Middletown Area Senior Center
  • Moriah Havens
  • Mt St. Joe University
  • N KY Area Agency on Aging
  • Nancy Bick Clark
  • NW Arkansas Area Agency on Aging
  • Otterbein Senior Choices
  • Pam Leong
  • Paul Alexander
  • Pete Carels, PhD
  • Providence Pavilion
  • Ray Hellmann, MD
  • Richard Fischer, DDS
  • Roberta Schultz
  • Ronald Miller
  • Sri Mirle, PhD
  • Sycamore Senior Center
  • The Kenwood
  • TriHealth - Bethesda Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment Programs
  • Trina Carter
  • UC College-Conservatory of Music Prep
  • Xavier University


  • Arnold Printing
  • Bella Luna/Harry & Gay Stephens
  • Derringer Company
  • Friends of Charity
  • Gist Piano Center
  • Remo, Inc.
  • Yamaha Music & Wellness Institute