Clavinova Connection

Clavinova Connection

Uses a unique series of music and wellness exercises created to harmonize mind, body, and spirit as group participants play specialized digital pianos known as Clavinovas, under a trained facilitator’s guidance. This one-hour program includes three levels, each consisting of 8 weeks. An individual is not required to move to the next level unless the person wishes to. The program employs specially designed educational techniques to introduce the art of piano playing to those who consider themselves non-musical. Each session consists of several components: singing, physical stretching, meditation, and drum and sound improvisation. Each step builds confidence and self-esteem while it enhances relaxation and well-being. The program excels at building camaraderie and reducing depression and loneliness.

Clavinova Connection

What others are saying

“I could see the excitement in his eyes while he was playing (the Clavinova) as well as a bit of a grin. It switched a light on in him! He loved it! :)”

Daughter of a dementia patient

“Playing the Clavinova is good therapy for my arthritis, my hands feel better at the end of a class.”

Resident at a continuing care retirement community

“He always plays patriotic songs, that bring up memories of certain instances he likes to share from years of service during World War II.”