An effective tool for stress reduction creates a non-threatening supportive environment for individuals to engage in creative musical expression which leads to a host of health outcomes. It does not require prior musical experience. There’s no right or wrong. The program is guided by a trained facilitator that builds self-esteem, respect for individuals facing numerous health and psychosocial challenges as well for typical populations of all ages. For optimum benefits this group empowerment drumming program is recommended as a wellness tool 1-hour per week for 6 weeks.


“A simple introduction to the ancient tradition of producing rhythms has been the genesis of a new passion for me, and has profoundly impacted my newfound sobriety... Perhaps the most poignant compliment regarding the success of HealthRHYTHMS can be demonstrated in the form of me purchasing my own drum, as well as joining a drum group!!!”

When we did a (HealthRHYTHMS) group outside...the nurse said, "Who are you two and where have you been with these drums?!" She had never seen the kids so engaged, joyful and seemingly "neurotypical" as during our session…(it) was a blessing, as they had all been admitted suicidal.

“Strangers relaxed around each other, experienced bridge building, and had fun.”

“Making and playing my own rhythms was fun!”