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CMWC Reaches All Walks of Life

Assists individuals of all ages take an active and meaningful role in their well-being

Barry Bittman
Barry Bittman MD

neurologist, pioneer in whole person wellness, and expert in healthcare reform

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Welcome to Cincinnati Music & Wellness Coalition

Music is a powerful influencer on an individual’s life. It brings joy, healing, helps us make new friends, have fun with old friends, and a great promoter of wellness.

Music leads to a healthy life. It is an inborn quality and is not dependent on musical training.

All human beings are musical and can respond to music. Now, scientific studies have shown that music really can change our mood and even help us concentrate.

Music is rhythm. It’s like exercise and nutrition.

Rhythm is essential for wellness.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to promote a culture of wellness in diverse populations through evidence-based recreational music-making, education, and arts engagement.
Cincinnati Music & Wellness Coalition

About CMWC

Works with hospitals, employers, senior care organizations, universities, schools, non-profits, and local and state entities towards a common goal of changing lives through music and wellness
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Our Solution

Educate individuals that emotional wellness is equally important as physical exercise, and introduce two evidence-based music and wellness programs that are proven stress-reducers
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